Siniath Bar

- Lore -

Siniath Bar is the name of the new world that the Magi have chosen for colonization. It is similar to Mana in many respects but in others it is vastly different.


The White Land the vast unexplored wasteland to the north of the Stone-Jaw Mountains.
The Northern Shield the northern most region known to be inhabited by man.


Human the most populace race on Siniath Bar. Most of the great and powerful nations are human ones.
Dwarf the stern mountain warriors and renowned craftsmen.
Orc fearsome warriors who embody primal strength.
Goblin manic creatures often reviled as pests.
Kobold devious reptilian humanoids obsessed with precious metals and traps.


Althar Dominant Cellian god. Presides over civilization, trade, and technology.
Mozugobpot Goblin god of “finding and keeping”.
Stormur and Tyfoma North-Folk spirit of sea, snow, and storm.
Sapaent Byrtan god of Knowledge and Magic.
Callid Byrtan god of Love and Lust.
Instandin Byrtann god of Speech and Art.
Verngarom Dominant Dwarven god of crafting and honor.
Dogarum Anti-thesis to Verngarom, the Dwarven god of labor and devotion.


Animals some animals are mundane and familiar. Others dramatically less so.
Plants even without the influence of Mana some plants on Siniath Bar are deadly.

Siniath Bar

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