Campaign Synopsis

The world of Mana is on its last legs. The magical energy source the world is named after has been growing for generations and is now no longer under control. Instead it pours into and through everything on the world, people, animals, plants, even non-living things. Transforming them, empowering them, and, in some cases, even granting them the gift of sentience. The world is rapidly descending into chaos and the combat trained black sheep of the Magi, the Dull-Stars, are barely able to hold back the tide of newly sentient and magically inclined farm animals, potatoes, and chamber pots. The Magi are left with one choice. They force open a half-dozen portals from their world, through the Astral plane, into the “nearest” world they can manage. Through each portal they will send a team of Dull-Stars, the only people equipped with the experience and skills necessary to survive the unknown. Stripped of their Mana will these once mighty warriors be able to handle their new lives as mere mortals?

Update: Pactday, 21st of Brocryne, 1440.
Tern Team was finally able to rescue the children from withing the shadowy caverns of the Kobold King “Merlocrap”. They turned the caves of the Truescale kobolds over to the once captive Longtalon kobolds. Surely they will be more benevolent neighbors than the Truescales had been. . . The children returned to their parents, and in some cases were welcomed home. The party was given flapjacks and a night of free beverages at Jak’a’Napes. The moral warriors, Sirben and Aelia sought to aid Ralla, the young courtesan and her brother Hollin, still in a coma. The industrious Morgrym has decided to take them in and has offered Ralla a position at his up and coming brewery. The defacto leader of the town, Thuldrin Kreed, extended his gratitude to the party before seeing them off. The next day the party boarded the ferry for the high road. While upon the ferry they were accosted by some ruffians who attempted to steal their cart. Failing that they burned the ferry and fled back toward Falcon’s Hollow. After repairing their boat the party continued on their way.


Unless otherwise stated here all rules that the players may take advantage of are taken directly from the Pathfinder Core Rule Book.
-Behavior Be prompt, courteous, and patient.
-Character Creation Mostly stock, wierdness available upon request.
-Variant Rules Not much, just things to make life easier/more interesting.
-Table Rules Player death, hesitation, learning new skills.

Message from the DM

This is a Home-Brew game. That said I will be borrowing and corrupting many things from Golarion, Pathfinder, Faerun, and any number of other sources. It is a Home-Brew game so that I may pick and choose what I like and preserve as much of a sense of discovery as I can in my players. There is an over arching plot, dark things going on in the background, etc. etc. I will be incorporating several modules as well, with slight changes. I am a GM who rewards creativity, punishes unpreparedness, appreciates enthusiasm, and is afraid of apathy. I will steal some art a la google, respective modules, etc. As I improve as an artist I hope to make a majority of the art my own. As of right now I’m looking for a fourth and fifth player, if you like the game, can get excited about the material, feel free to shoot me a message.

A Strange New World

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